Bhargav Kulkarni

Iā€™m a Ph.D. student advised by Prof. Pavel Panchekha at the University of Utah. I am interested in making it easy for devlopers to write correct and safe code.


Herbie Project (source)

HCFC Lab @ BITS Pilani, Goa



Ph.D. in CS ā€” University of Utah

B.E. in CSE ā€” BITS Pilani, Goa


General Programming: Python, Racket, Java, JavaScript, SQL

Systems Programming: C/C++, Bash, Rust

Hardware: Verilog, MASM


Trinity Game Engine: A game engine and byte code VM for scripting (source)

Logic in Coq: Classical propositional logic and natural deduction in Coq/Rocq (source)

CheemScheme: Scheme dialect in C++ with tail recursion and error reporting (source)